1 Energy Source

1.1 Gas Source

Which gas source will be used?

Natural Gas

Gas system that is connected and delivered through pipelines.

LPG Bottles

Gas that comes in LPG (liquified petroleum gas) bottles.

1.2 Electric unit type

Which electric unit type would be appropriate for your household?


Uses continuous electricity to heat the water throughout the day and night, as required. Can be more expensive to run, however a smaller unit can be selected to continually heat water throughout the day.

Off Peak

Uses off peak electricity to only heat the water at night. Can be cheaper to run, however a larger size storage capacity is required so hot water does not run out during the day.

2 About your household


3 Preferred Units

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Many considerations are required beyond the initial purchase of a hot water system to find a suitable unit. Here's the outcome of decision guide, making it easier to find the right unit to suit all needs.

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Gas Source
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